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Is your organisation moving to 'Agile'?
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Start with Agile Values & Principles

Start your journey to become an agile company, team or individual by learning what  it means. Agile starts with a set of 4 values and 12 principles that forms a set of manifesto that is at the centre of teams producing better product, speed up development and spending time on building what matters most.

Learn To Use Kanban

Kanban is a method for managing work which balances demand with capacity. Work items are visualised so progress of individual items are transparent. Team members pull work as they have capacity, rather than work being “pushed” into the process when requested.

Key practices here are carried over into Scrum so it’s important to learn Kanban first.

Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training
Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training

What Is Scrum?

Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile framework for managing product development or projects. It defines a flexible, holistic strategy where a team works as a unit to reach a common goal, it challenges assumptions of the traditional, sequential approach to high quality, best value products.

Professional Bodies

We are proud to work with knowledge provided by these international certification organisations.

Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training

Our Mission

Agile, both Scrum and Kanban (or any other framework in fact) are easy to adopt, but difficult to master. Frequent inspection, review and adaptation is required to benefit from it’s practice. Our mission is to help your business or teams achieve agility through…

Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training

Knowledge Training & Seeding Program. Through our public or in-house knowledge courses & Agile seeding program, we can help you get going.

Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training

Maturity Review of your team or organisation’s current practices and measure state of Agile in your team, and a plan that delivers improvements.

Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training

Hire & Embed one of our team members to help you exactly what you need, with a structured plan to help you achieve your goals.



  • Agile, Kanban & Scrum knowledge training for teams, businesses & individuals
  • Regular public courses or in-house customised training
  • Targeted training for specific role
  • Speciaised training for JIRA/Trello, Confluence



  • Private / on-site agile training for teams of all shapes and sizes
  • Coach your existing team & leaders
  • Measure your team’s Agile maturity & Review processes
  • Embedded placements to mentor your team