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Combined, we have over 25 years of experience of helping teams become agile via training and practising Scrum & Kanban.
Whatever your situation, we think we have you covered.

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The team at Agile View are all certified by & members of international agile and scrum certification profession bodies. You can trust the knowledge that we have are always up to date and best practice in the industry.


Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training


Founder & Principal Trainer.
SAFe Agilist, SAFe DevOps certifications

Eric has been practising Agile for close to a decade. One of the earliest Scrum adopters in Australia, he found Scrum was the perfect framework to revolutionise the way his software development team was accomplishing work.

A past contact centre trainer & IT program manager prior to becoming a Scrum Master, Eric has worked with large multinational, Australian and overseas teams as well as startups helping them deliver highly successful software, web and app applications. A firm believer in hearing, seeing and hands-on learning, he is spends his time training and coaching Scrum Teams to achieve their best.


Agile Trainer and Team Level Coach. PSM I, PSPO I

Ricky is a successful enterprise sales professional whom uses his knowledge and passion for agile practice in his day to day project management role. Great example of the wide-spread applicability of Agile knowledge in industries outside of 'IT', Ricky has been extremely successful in leading changes in every team's process and practice he engages.


Product Owner & Agile Product Manager

Kristel is a successful Product Owner for software application, web and app development (Croftminster, Symantec, TAK Games). Based in Melbourne with frequent availability in all major cities, she provides the knowledge and experience to teams and businesses that has an idea, and turn them into actual products.


Web Technology & DevOps

Ben is a highly accomplished full stack web developer, architect and technologist. Having honed his skills with large software, telco (Optus) and media companies (News Corp) he has also published his own mobile apps. Based in Sydney, Ben brings with him hands-on knowledge that is essential to any agile team's successful in terms of tools and technology required to make them work for the benefit of the team.

Certification & Professional Bodies

The most popular certification bodies are Scrum Alliance (CSM, CSPO etc.) and Scrum.org (PSM, PSPO etc.). Depending on the geographic locations, one certification may be better known than another but the content and body of knowledge are very similar, they can be considered interchangeable.
Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training