This page is reserved for students that wish to lodge answers
If you are interested taking part - please contact us.


This is an open book test – it is suggested you have read through the material atleast once so you know where to look for answers if you come across anything you do not know. Be mindful that you can search for answers on the internet – however not everything you find will be correct.


There is no time limit – The goal is to have you understand and know the knowledge, it is not meant to fail you. So take your time, re-read the Scrum Guide at www.scrumguides.org review the course handout etc.


During the test

  • Submit ONLY answers on this page.
  • For multiple choice questions – enter ONLY the answer (eg. ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’)
  • For open test questions – enter your answer in the field given
  • If there are any issues, or additional comments please leave in the last field ‘Notes’


After you have submitted the answers – Please allow up to 48 hours for it to be reviewed. A reply will be written up and emailed back to you indicating your result % as well as a break down of the knowledge areas.

Should you wish to proceed – we will then issue & post you a certificate with assessment results for your future employers to reference.