What is agile?


In the new world where traditional project management methods fail because the market place is moving too fast, customers’ satisfaction is king and technology is constantly shifting the landscape, Agile principles and values has proven itself in the last two decades by managing the project in an agile manner, adopting a suitable framework process, what has been found is improved quality, on-time delivery and innovative software features that is highly valuable to please end customers.


“It doesn’t matter how good you are today; if you’re not better next month, you’re no longer ‘agile’.

— Mike Cohn, Agile Trainer & Author

From giant software powerhouses to small niche startups making a single consumer product, Scrum and Kanban frameworks has been the development processes of choice to drive incremental improvements to their products. In fact, these two frameworks cover over 80% of the way leading companies tackle complicated projects in complex environments.

While Agile adoption and practice of Scrum and Kanban are primarily in IT, Web and Software development industries, there are now more and more practitioners using them in other business domains such as marketing, health, construction, product development (from Boeing planes to Kickstarter products).

The truth is that the fundamentals and basic practices are so flexible and easy to put into place, once learned it can be adapted to benefit other industries and business teams large and small.


There are abundant amount of knowledge ‘out there’ on the internet, but whilst it’s easy to search for and obtain, that free information is also full of misinformation and generic advice that just doesn’t ‘fit you’.

Don’t just take our word for it, to learn more about what it means to be Agile, we recommend reading ‘the bible’ of agile at www.agilemanifesto.org

To read more about the mechanics and roles of Scrum, head over to http://www.scrumguides.org

Similarly for Kanban, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanban

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