Everything's easier with help. We will work with your team, give them the knowledge & skills they need to continue their journey.

Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training

What's your agile journey?

Whether your organisation or team is just starting out or already on their agile journey, we can help guide and mentor you to achieve your best.

Agile View team has the right expertise and experience needed to help your team. We offer a range of agile programs to fit your organisation's needs, or can even customise training just for you.

We would love to find out what we can help you with.



Is a series of workshops designed to kick-start agile transformation of any size. Typically done in-house (but off-site too) we will work with you to determine the best possible training and workshop content to drive agile thinking and desire to improve from the teams on the ground to mid and high level executives.

Most Popular Starter Program

Our program has been one of the most popular service program which people select to opt for, and are highly satisfied.

Meet Industry Experts

One of the best thing is you get chance for In-house consultations with Agile coaches, Scrum Masters.

Corporate Friendly

Training program designed for your organisation, tailored to your team’s level of maturity, increasing productivity.

Make it Your Way

Program content and duration varies according to team size, business orientation and maturity level.

In-Office Training

Our Trainers will be providing Training of program with your teams at your premises, making it easier for your team.

Maximum Potential

Tapering contact designed to allow your team to take flight quickly, and achieve your target with a taste.

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Measuring Maturity

AgileView agile maturity metrics measures the maturity level t its best.

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Provide feedback and analysis on where your team has been and where it is at.

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Provide you an Advice and guidance on where to take your team next.


Hire a Scrum Team

An Agile View team member will work with your team in roles such as Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Owner, DevOps or QA Expert to expedite your progress and maturity.

Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training
Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training
Agile View - Agile Scrum kanban Training

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